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YAZTURK: Turkish Language Crypto Currency

CryptoCurrency #YTK is the future Bitcoin

The Future of Currency in the Fiat World

The Future of CryptoCurrency is emerging markets. Yazturk is the first block chain currency in Turkey to make momentum across the WAVES platforms. Invest in the a block chain with unlimited growth potential with over 100  million speaking the Turkish language. 

How You’re Protected

Using Bitcoin and Etherium you can protect your ICO investment into the Yazturk Token using the WAVES block chain and security protocols. Only 25,000,000 YAZTURK Tokens are currently in circulation.

Why Us?

YAZTURK is a WAVES blockchain-based distributed computing Token for Turkish Language investors. The Token is the first complete application based on Turkish language scripted cryptocurrencies targeting emerging markets overseas to counter the effects of European and Middle East fiat currency price fluctuations. Countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Cyprus, Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and other regions of Eastern Europe create an overall cryptocurrency appeal to over 100 million Native Turkish Speaking investors. For more information see YAZTURK.com or quote #YTK today!

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